Thank you for your interest in the ideas4apps Challenge.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the following prizes:


Distinction Prizes ($500 each) - Awarded to the top 3 ideas with the most number of votes


"Forecast of Weather and Tidal Information" by Francis Goh Chuan Seem, IS Manager

Tidal information is closely linked to the lunar calendar. There is an app developed for USA which shows the daily tidal charts of the predictions. Information also includes Lunar phase. Will be great to have one for Singapore, and best to include Weather Information.



"Go Green Singapore" by Jovan Tan, Student

Checks my residential unit's utilities consumption and the current amount payable; advises users on how to reduce their electricity/water consumption based on current reading; provides games with energy/water saving tips; shows nearby recycle bins to develop or reinforce users’ recycle mind-sets and habit to encourage a "go green Singapore"!



"Commuter Hearty Aid" by Yang Xudong, Student

Can not just tell me how to go to certain place with bus or train, but can also advise me on which path has shelters all the way, which path is least crowded (either for vehicle or walking passengers) at the moment and even match the route with a certain kind of shop/store that I want to visit on my way.



Merit Prizes ($150 each) - Awarded to the next 7 ideas with the most number of votes.


"GoNature @ SG" by Foong Wei Jun, Student

List out all of the nature reserves, parks, reservoirs that are in Singapore, provide information on history, unique attractions, location information, and upcoming events and activities that can be done/found in those nature attractions.



"iEducation" by Jasper Yeo Eng Hai, Student

- Displays a list of schools and educational institutions certified by the Ministry of Education, and their respective information

- Displays map of the schools’ locations

- Provides information on major events such as open house events, intake periods and admission information



"SG Parks" by Alicia Dee Chiew Ying, Application Developer

Shows parks information and facilities (including town parks, reservoir areas) (i.e. yishun park/ ang mo kio park) ; direct directions to these parks through geological application features



"Exercise Route Guide and Calorie Counter" by Daniel Leong, Public Servant

Showcases scenic routes for exercise purposes in areas under National Parks Board purview. Exercise routes are in pre-set distances of e.g. 5km, 10km, 20km. App will indicate amenities such as toilets, waterpoints, police post etc. App will use distance data, timing, user's height and weight data to compute calories burnt.



"Energy Consumption Bill Tracker App" by Gareth Seet, Student

Provides statistics of the energy, natural gas consumption records that a household consumes on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basics. Users can check the statistics (eg. pie chart of different appliances energy consumption, compiled electric bills update)of their households. Such app can inculcate better energy saving practices in the households.



"MFA Help Me!" by Rahimi Rahim, Editor

Provides travelling Singaporeans with urgent domestic and foreign contact information, travel advisories on hazard prone areas and scams, and FAQs or guidelines for emergencies and ensuring safety. Intending travellers can eRegister their traveling plans with MFA. The app must be available offline to prevent incurring data roaming charges.



"Online History Amazing Race" by Tay Mei Lan, Self-employed

Helps us learn History/Geography and some statistics on Singapore in a fun way other than memorising from the textbooks. It could be in a way of an online amazing race where Singporeans or tourists have to crack their mind to solve the hints to move on to their next stop, and learning the facts of each place in the process.



Best Mobile App Prizes ($150 each) - Awarded to 3 ideas with the best use of mobile technology.



"Healthy Restaurant Locator" by Teo Yizhen Sue-Lynn, Educator

Enables users to locate and find resturants, hawker centres and other food outlets that serve foods listed as 'Healthier Choice' by the Health Promotion Board. The app will also allow users to find such places located around them (via GPS). Also, the app will provide recommendations for caterers that offer "Healthier Choice" foods.



"Augmented Reality Landmark" by Jared Ng, Student

This app will allow the user to simply point their camera at famous landmarks of singapore,and information of that specific landmark will be displayed. The information displayed can be about the historic significance of it or why it was built. This would aloow the target audience,students,to learn more about historical and modern Singapore.



"DIY Trail Guides" by Chew Zheng Hao, Student

Provide public with walking and cycling trails in NParks and Help them to plan their adventure. Highlights features & attraction of each park. have a review/forum from those who had their adventure to post their photos and experience. allow photo to be pinned on a interactive trail map which contains a compass. Allow public to suggest new routes