Rainfall - Monthly Number of Rain Days

URL: https://data.gov.sg/dataset/f0b330c4-18c5-4d8e-ba95-7c7739297bd2/resource/8b94f596-91fd-4545-bf9e-7a426493b674/download/rainfall-monthly-number-of-rain-days.csv

From the dataset abstract

The number of rain days (day with rainfall amount of 0.2mm or more) in a month recorded at the Changi Climate Station.

Source: Rainfall - Monthly Number of Rain Days


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Additional Information

Last updated January 12, 2017
Created May 21, 2015
Format CSV
Coverage January 1, 1982 to December 31, 2016
Licence Singapore Open Data Licence


No. Name Title Type Unit of Measure Description
1 month Month Datetime (Month)
- -
2 no_of_rainy_days Number of Rain Days in the Month Numeric (General) Days -
No. Field
Name: month
Title: Month
Datetime (Month)
Unit of Measure: -
Description: -
Name: no_of_rainy_days
Title: Number of Rain Days in the Month
Numeric (General)
Unit of Measure: Days
Description: -