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There are two types of APIs on One provides you with access to static tabular data such as time series or listings (aka CKAN APIs), while the other provides you with access to real-time datasets such as weather and traffic conditions.

If you are using the APIs listed here, please review the Terms of Service, and the Singapore Open Data Licence.

Real-time APIs

There are currently 14 real-time APIs on that provide you with data ranging from taxi availability to waether forecasts. Below is a list of all real-time APIs on

Carpark Availability

GovTech / 28 Feb 2018

Get the latest carpark availability in Singapore: - Retrieved every minute - Use the date_time parameter to retrieve the latest carpark availability at that moment in time - Detailed carpark information can be found at - Limited to 60 requests per minute per API key

Taxi Availability

Land Transport Authority / 13 Feb 2018

For access to real-time taxi availability data. Returns location coordinates of all Taxis that are currently available for hire. Does not include "Hired" or "Busy" Taxis.


This is an alternative to the web interface, you can make use of the APIs provided by the CKAN software to access the catalogue of datasets on

The API provides both RESTful and functional interfaces, all in JSON format, making it suitable for a wide range of clients.